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Wisconsin's Premiere Wedding Barn: Origins

The property and farm itself have been in Lisa’s family for generations and is home to innumerable memories and experiences. The connections made with the environment are memories which never fade— there’s nothing quite like spending cold winter days with grandpa tapping the maple trees for syrup, then witnessing the magic of an annual Trillium wildflower bloom each spring. As a curator, transforming the magical property into a place where others can make lifelong memories while preserving its natural state, was Lisa’s number one priority.  

Trillium Creek wedding barn sits on the land of Reinke Meadows just outside of Wausau Wisconsin, but it hasn’t always been there. In 2015, owner and founder Lisa Reinke saw the barn at a nearby farm in and it was in complete disarray. As a curator of craftsmanship, Lisa couldn’t bear the idea of such an iconic 1890s barn being torn down and sold for scrap. She then began the arduous process of relocating the barn to its current resting place. Relocating a 5000 sq./ft barn is no small task, and required the construction of a bridge across the Trillium Creek and took the crew two full days to reach its resting spot. 

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With the relocation complete, construction and renovations to the barn and surrounding property began in 2016. Having recently hosted her own wedding on the property, Lisa had invaluable insights into what is required for a wedding to happen without a hitch at a rustic wedding venue. Lisa wanted to keep the authentic farmstead charm without sacrificing all the modern amenities we’ve come to expect. She kept all the original barn boards to ensure the rustic exterior look, changing only the foundation. Hot running water, beautiful indoor restrooms, an on-site catering kitchen, and elegant lighting fixtures set Trillium Creek Apart from other barn wedding venues. 

No detail was overlooked in making the Trillium Creek Wedding Barn an ideal venue to host your dream wedding. From the barns in-floor heating on the lower level, the elegantly designed bride and groom changing rooms, to the stunning landscaping and up-cycling, we are positive you’ll never want to leave once you step foot on the property.  Behind the barn we even have a detached fire pit, surrounded by our signature up-cycled furnature, overlooking the lush Wisconsin fields.

While our wedding season stretches from May to November, the work never stops at Trillium Creek. During the offseason, we are hard at work making improvements based on customer feedback – making your wedding day special is paramount, and your feedback is invaluable in doing so! Recent additions include a picnic pavilion adjacent to the barn to expand seating and take the party outside, up-cycled benches made from lumber and cinder blocks we reclaimed from the barn, and specially curated photography locations around the venue—including a handmade bridge across Trillium Creek! 


A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at Trillium Creek Wedding and Event Barn on Friday, May 18, 2018 in Wausau, Wisconsin. Trillium Creek Wedding and event barn is OFFICIALLY open for business!